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Maintenance checks

Have your vehicle serviced regularly to help maintain its roadworthiness and resale value. There is a large network of Ford Authorised Parts outlets and Service centres to help you to keep your Ford vehicle in good health, always.
In addition to regular servicing, we recommend that you carry out the following additional checks for your vehicles.
Check your Owner’s Manual for other monthly maintenance tasks that may be specific to your vehicle.

Daily checks.
  • Exterior lamps
  • Interior lamps
  • Warning lamps and indicators

Monthly checks.
  • Engine coolant level & Engine oil
  • Engine Oil: No other maintenance item is so important for extending the vehicle’s life and reducing repair costs. Engine Oil - Your vehicle’s Life Blood.
  • Check and top up power steering fluid & brake fluid
  • Air conditioning system
  • Horn 
  • Tightness of the wheel nuts
  • Check exterior radiator tank seals
  • Check the rubber seals on the radiator for a proper fit. Make sure the engine is cold. Never touch a hot or steaming radiator.
  • Tyre condition: Look for damage or uneven wear on your tyres. If you find any signs, show your tyre specialist. Also, make sure that the tyre pressure is set to the manufacturer’s recommended level. 

How do you know when to replace your vehicle's battery?
The battery life varies according to the geographical conditions and individual driving habits. Replacement intervals may therefore vary from case to case. However you can monitor your vehicle for signs that your battery may be about to fail. The most common warning signs are as follows.
  • Your starter motor is slow to start
  • Your battery light stays illuminated while your engine is running
  • Your battery loses power fast in cold or extended starts
  • Your headlights dim when the engine idles
  • The charge indicator on the top of your maintenance-free battery shows yellow or black

  • Switch the ignition OFF before touching or attempting adjustment of any kind.
  • When carrying out maintenance checks, make sure that filler caps are fitted properly.
  • Do not remove the filler cap when the engine is running.
  • Do not apply polish to the windscreen or rear window. This could cause the wipers to become noisy and they may not clear the window properly.


Wish to enjoy the most out of your Ford? Then Ford Custom Accessories are perfect applications to fulfil your wish. 
With Ford Custom Accessories, you can personalise your vehicle the way you want, to match your requirement, while maintaining the long-term value and appeal of your vehicle.

Speak to Ford trained and certified staff for your all queries.

Arabian Car Marketing Co. LLC
P.O. Box 1305, Ruwi
Postal Code 112
Sultanate of Oman.

Tel. 24579746 / 24579747.

Working hours:
Saturday to Thursday: 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM & 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Friday Holiday.

Ford Parts Branches

SL. No Branches Tel  
 1  Wattayah 24579746 24579747
 2  Wadi Kabir  24816898  
 3  Al Kamil  25557609  
 4  Al Mawaleh  24550245  
 5  Bhala  25420407  
 6  Barka  26887635  
 7  BB Ali  25553866  
 8  Bidaya  26803981  
9  Buraimi  25654471  
10  Dibba  26839050  
 11  Fahud  24384196  
12  Fahud  24385210  
13  Ibra  25571117  
14  Ibri  25687160  
15  Izki  26830539  
16  Khasab  26730539  
17  Marmul  24386171  
18  Nizwa  25410060  
19  Quiyat  24845202  
20  Rustaq  26879572  
21  Salalah  23210235  
22  Seeb  24460693  
23  Sinaw  25524668  
24  Sohar  26858650  
25  Sumail  25350499  
26  Sur  25542375  
27  Thumrait  23279444  

Motorcraft Parts

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Motorcraft Ford Parts

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